Branislav A Fixed Asset For Chelsea

There are certain players whose future remains uncertain. For instance, Branislav is being debated over for the forthcoming season.

This Chelsea player’s future for the upcoming season is yet to be decided. Even though he is vice captain of the team and has an impressive lineup of achievements under his belt, it is still too early to decide his forthcoming role in the team or so it looks like.

For instance, he has had 43 starts and appearances that run into hundreds in domestic cups as well as in the Champions league. Chelsea will be seeing players like Petr Cech and Didier Drogba leaves the club as the season ends. Ivanovic as a result might land up to be one of the players who have served the team for the longest time. The list of all time appearances has his name on it.

He has also captained for the team at the level of the national games. It should come as no surprise that Jose Mourinho has chosen to have him as the vice captain, especially over others like Cesc Fabregas or Gary Cahill.

He has been a fixture for Chelsea games since 2009. He has served the team under six managers already. His versatility as well as his height is some of the reasons that his team has come to depend on him. He has been used for right flank as well as a center back. He has won several titles as well as awards at the individual level in the year 2014-15. He helped his team win the Team of the Year award. Even though the last year was not the best for him, the blame cannot be his entirely. The team has had early struggles as well. He did suffer an injury early last year but came back in healthy form by the end of the season.