Ivanovic to Extend His Serbian Playing Skills to Albion

In September 2022 Branislav Ivanovic was taken on by the cub of Albion. He is an international footballer who has won several trophies and titles in Champions League as well as Premier League. Being Serbian in origin, the defender has formed a one-year contract with Albion, after leaving Zenit Saints in Petersburg, the Russian giants. Here he had spent about three and a half seasons.

Ivanovic joined The Hawthorns with a wealth of experience owing to his days of playing Premier League matches. He also had nine successful years at Chelsea. While being with them he won about three titles in the league as well as in the UEFA Europa, the UEFA Champions League, and others. He had also appeared in two world cup finals of FIFA when he was part of the Serbian national team. This was in 2018 in the Russian world cup and 2010 when he played in the South African world cup. It is no wonder that he is one of the most capped players in his nation, having a total of 105 appearances under his belt.

In the club Albion, he will wear shirt No 20. Branislav stated that he was happy to be playing in the Premier League. He would be ready and he is looking forward to challenging himself. He hopes that, as in his past, he would be successful in this present role. He admitted that he was ambitious and was looking to contribute significantly to the team. On the other hand, Slaven Bilic, the present boss of Baggies, believes that signing Ivanovic will boost the talents of the team. He is considered a legend by the Chelsea team. He had even won ten trophies during his spell with the Blues. Slaven feels that Ivanovic has done everything in his playing career and his experience as well as quality playing will be significant contribution to this team.