The English Premier League is at the cusp of its 26th season yet the drama never ends.

The theatrical value well exceeds its counterparts despite the La Liga and Bundesliga being hailed for having the best players and more technical depth. The league has continued to evolve in line with modern happenings with the latest probably being Friday night kick-off.

Sir Alex Ferguson played a key part in the story of the league through the years and Arsene Wenger has continued strongly as the most experienced manager. The league is unpredictable, with Leicester City usurping 5000 to 1 odds two seasons ago.

Several top tier managers litter clubs in the league and there is an increased level of competition to outdo each other. This season, managerial warfare is sure to hand the winning side the advantage as they compete on the touch line with their strategies and tactics while the players on the pitch try to follow their orders.

In recent years, Sergio Aguero’s defining strike handing Manchester City the league title and Jose Mourinho exalting himself as ‘The Special One’ and then “The Only One’ stand out. Eric Cantona’s Karate kick was a low as with Arsenal’s 13-year barrenness. Roy Keane left Old Trafford on a not-so-good note while Thierry Henry became a legend at Arsenal before he exited. Liverpool’s former striker Luis Suarez was prolific yet his bite incident with former Chelsea defender BranislavIvanovicwould not be forgotten in a hurry.

There have been so many memories over the years and many more would continue to be created as the league continues to run. Happy hearty cheers The Premier League!!!